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Things To Know Before Buying Your Home:

1. Work with a Realtor you can trust. 

Realtors like all of us, work for their money. Some buyers hesitate to use a realtor, for this reason. Wrong. Always use a realtor because realtors are always paid by the seller. Don’t deal directly with the seller's agent. The seller's agent protects the seller's interest not yours. Our dedicated Agents are here to help you. If it helps you in selecting an agent, keep in mind that our realtors come from all over the world and speak different languages beside English. Countries and States our agents come from. Languages we speak here.


2.  Buy only what you can afford.

Lenders will qualify you for up to 1/3 of your gross income but you know better than anyone else how much you want to pay for your home. Stay within your means but get approved first for a loan. If you like a home, you should be ready to buy before one else will.


3. You don't have to buy. 

Not everyone is ready to buy at anytime. Buying a home is a wise investment. But only buy when is time for you to buy. Things to consider are the housing market, interest rates, and distance from your workplace. But if you believe time for owning your home has come, we are there to help.


4. How can realtors help.

Buying a home is not that easy as it could be with the help of a real estate agent. While it is you who selects your home and your lender who provides you the loan, it is only the realtor who will have easy access to all the listed homes for sale that matches your criteria.  


5. Help with the contract. 

Do not ever sign a contract if you do not understand every term and every paragraph of the document you are signing. If you do not have a realtor, consult with your attorney. You might be legally liable for things you did not anticipate. The best way to avoid unpleasant consequences of contractual obligations is to work with a real estate professional who has your best interest at heart. There are many different documents to be signed to protect the interest of the parties. The seller's agent has to protect seller's interest, not yours. Don’t ever think it is a smart decision to work with seller's agent when you could have yours and for free who protects your and only your interest.


6. Help with the contract. 

If you bought many homes before, you already know how important it is to have your own realtor. Investors will not even consider handling all the buying process themselves without a realtor. Not everyone is ready to buy at anytime. Buying a home is a smart decision and a wise investment. Buy only when it is time for you to buy. Things to consider before buying are your job security, your changing household expenses in a near future, the housing market, the interest rates, and the distance of the new home from your workplace which often becomes a concern and a burden after you already have purchased. If you believe it is time for you to buy, we are there to help. Select any of our agents and we will be at your disposal at every step of your buying process


7. Buying with others. 

If you have to buy a home with someone else on the loan (co borrower) or in the title (co-owner) who is not your spouse, make sure to have an exit plan if things don't go the way you anticipated. It's a good idea to consult with a real estate attorney to address these issues for not everything goes as we plan and as we wish in life.


8. Price and renovations.

You found a home you like. It is in you price range. You know it can be your dream home if you could add or change something, like finish the basement, or update the kitchen or add a bathroom. Often this will cost you much more than simply increasing the amount a few more dollars, as long as it is still affordable in your current situation. Don’t you underestimate the expenses involved.

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